I’ve been eating a lot of fruit & stuff and eating better.

I still eat a lot of unhealthy things but waaayy more in moderation. I find myself regretting when I do eat bad food which is good, I need to want to eat healthier.

it’s just hard, like today work got us donuts & I’m like

But I eat way less fast food & I just been doing so well. I’m very dedicated & it’s great. Like today I was fucking exhausted but I still worked out, I didnt do much of my yoga cause it was too slow & gave me to many chances to lay down lol but I went on my elliptical.

Sometimes I worry I don’t work out enough. but then I remember it’s about what you eat too, but it just takes time. I’m doing good so I just have to keep at it.

On another positive note Disneyland is booked! : )) very excited about that, I decided to do a tiana & minnie mouse outfit. It’s hard though cause I want the outfits to be subtle but still recognizable. & a red polka dot skirt isn’t very subtle. & I was think red jeans but then that’s just mickey mouse. Idk. I been thinking about it a lot lately lol I have a few ideas for tiana but i feel they won’t look like tiana, ill just be dressing in green. Idk. we’ll see.

I’m liek not even trippin’ about how it’s in december. this has gone by SO fast I know it’ll be here in no time.